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Want more than just crafting community ?

A Year or so ago I had this idea. I couldn't even really explain what I wanted at the time or how I would even accomplish it, but I DID KNOW exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

Time went by and the idea faded until one day God stopped me right in my tracks. He forced me to set down and really think about why I started Belle of the Barns in the first place, what has kept/keeps me going, and how/if it relates to this "Idea".

I started by honing in on what truly inspires me and fuels my creativity, it really all came to two things..


 It then all made sense, I wanted more than just a Crafting Community or a VIP Group, I wanted a space filled with friends that feel more like a family & who share the same passion of creating

Setting with my family, I shared my thoughts & goals of this community type group I wanted to start and that all that was left was actually CREATING the group and Naming it. The fam started suggesting names for this new group and the The Village was said and as I glanced around the room, I knew it was perfect!  

"It takes a Village" came to mind and what a perfect name for this new community I wanted to form.

A Village is made up of many people and I know Together we can each inspire, encourage, and create something that will bring joy into our lives.


I am enjoying being apart of your Journey
 and watching your business grow.. You and Taylor are both so sweet and kind and honest. All your craft/wood designs are the best! 
Melisa M.


I totally love the village. So happy I’m on this journey with you and Taylor.
So love all wood projects. It’s nice just having “The Village” ladies on lives. More personal.
Jenny H.


 Love 💕 The Village, Blessed to be a part of something amazing
Danielle Taylorthe creativity, ideas and all the more important to be a part of a village of like minded people. Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺
Amanda L.

Benefits of The VILLAGE

We want you to share all of your creations, inspiring others through our personal creativity provides others with inspiration.

2 Exclusive Craft Kits

Each Month you will have the opportunity to purchase 2 craft kits that will only be available to Village Members!  

Craft & Chat with Us

Taylor and I will do random pop ins. We might might share what God has placed on our hearts or share a fun craft, which ever it is, you will get the real US!

Discounts & Sales

Our Village family gets in on exclusive Sales & gets 10% OFF purchases when shopping our website! 
Want to join our Village?
Inspire | Encourage | Create
Two ways to pay
$15 per Month

Monthly Membership 

$160 per Year

Yearly Membership

Frequently Asked Questions
Will anything be changing with Belle of the Barns?
Absolutely Not! 

Can I opt out of the Village at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime. **Please note, there will be no refunds**

Do you offer 1 on 1 consultations?
Yes! This is something I want to provide for you all! This will be avaliable for any decorating, creating, or creative questions or help you may need. 
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